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  1. Very disrespectful. As a tenant in an apartment building, he was not abiding the law. It is necessary to give tenants 24 hours advanced notice when entering an apartment for repairs. When I told him I would not turn the power off because I was not informed about the repairs, or given any notice, he responded “if you live in a shoe, what are you going to do?” . What kind of customer service is that? Very disrespectful individual. When the job was finished, the shower was still not working after he replaced the water tank, and when I asked to speak to his boss after being verbally attacked because I know my rights, he told me he IS the boss. Horrible customer service, he ended up making me 2 hours late for work as I was not given any notice about the repairs, and had to wait around to use the hot water.

  2. He took advantage of me and charged me a fortune which was not justifiable.
    I had a toilet that was blocked, and he literally took it apart to unblock it. I would have been better off installing a new toilet. In another (tiny) bathroom, I had a leak, which required replacing half the floor. That cost me $1200!

    When I talk to other contractors and explain what was done, I am told that I could have had a complete makeover for the price that I paid. This is someone I knew casually and thought I could trust, but was horrified when I got the bill.

    I’m in business myself, and I would never take advantage of someone like that. It is disgusting to me that he got away with it. I was already in debt before that, and he made my circumstances so much worse! He doesn’t deserve to be trusted.

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