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Phone: 613-746-1231
Address: 1694 Cyrville Road
City: Gloucester
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1B 3L8

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  2. Had the worst experience with the location on Bank Street to repair my vehicle. Estimator was pushy, left me feeling like my concerns after the repairs were frivolous. Went to the dealer and found many more problems including the one I had complained about. Did not address the issues correctly. Left hardware out, routed the RAD incorrectly, sloppy paint job, and missed a repair completely. I would not recommend this shop to anyone. Beware, the estimator will talk you out of anything, so follow your gut. You are probably right.

  3. I have to put my 2 cents in this thread and tell you where NOT to go. Never EVER bring your car to Frank and guys. I brought it there on an insurance claim because its one of the preferred places of my insurance company. 3 weeks later when my car was ready I picked it up, checked everything and notices my headlight was wabbly. Turns out one of the supports was broken so they said they would order me a new headlight. After a month and a half of calling them once a week they finally received my headlight! They must have been making one from scratch you’d think. Nope.. I get a used @!# headlight missing one support anyways from sonshine auto. In the rain when i picked it up it looked fine and i said f* it i dont wanna wait another month for a new one so i stuck with it. Until i saw it in the sun…the lens is full of minor cracks from the heat. Even after that I didnt bother bringing it back until recently. I noticed last week that the top of the lens is starting to peel off. First time ive ever seen this so i call Frank and guy. The manager Gilles told me its the first time hes ever seen this and will contact sonshine to get a new light or if they dont have one look into getting me an aftermarket unit. This was all fine and dandy but I wasent about to wait 2 months for my god damn light when the car is getting a new paint job next week so i persisted to call back every couple days only to get told today that “thery’re looking for my part, well call you when they find it.” Now im no idiot, you have it or you don’t. So I called Sonshine auto to find a headlight myself. The guy told me” We have one, you want it today or monday?” Boom!

    So I’m pretty speechless about the bs that goes on in these bodyshops. Also I didnt menthion that when they replaced my headlight they broke one of the clips holding my grill in and one of my bumper supports are broken. Now I’ve notified my insurance company and im waiting for a call back from them and frank an guy, but you can bet your sweet a** that Il never go back nor recommend that shop to anyone and to be honest if frank and guy dont call me back before my insurance company does im telling them I dont even want them to pull into that parking lot again.

  4. This is the worst body shop ever! my insurance is affiliated with this body shop, I was told 4 times different dates to get the car back! very frustrating. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BODY SHOP TO ANYONE! The manager has no proper etiquette!

  5. Insurance sent me there about a year and a half ago for a minor accident needed a front fender and bumper a hood a rim and a light. They give a different style of light one yellow and the other on white they switched the bad rim from left to right a rusted hood witch had been painted over there was a half inch to 1 inch gap between my lights the bumper and the hood they broke my armrest and the chrome wrap around my interior handle, with all that said I confronted the manage about all my issue with the work and I was treated like I was stupid and didn’t know what I was talking about, they fixed the armrest and handle they give me another used rim didn’t fixed the bumper or hood, the rusted hood is now rotten had to change the rim they give me the same week they gave me back the car and my car looked horrible I f-ing hate Fred guy body I’ve never been treated so poorly in a customer environment and it took 2 months to get the car back worst body shop in town if you ask me

  6. Frank and Guy’s business model is to be a high speed, fast turnover, big profit, insurance claim processor. They are only interested in working on newer cars with no rust whatsoever for which parts are easy to find and there is no time wasted repairing rust. They’re like a fast-food organization. There’s a dent in your door, we’ll replace your door; fast, easy, highly profitable. Repair the dent and paint the door; too much time wasted and not profitable enough. Of course, it’s a business and they have a right to follow whatever business model best suits them and customers have a choice of going elsewhere. The work that they do is usually of very high quality but it usually has to be covered by insurance. If your car has but a very very small bit of rust on the part you wish repaired they will not touch it. However, they will refer you to other shops that will. I give them credit for that but business must be booming when you can refuse a job solely because it’s not an insurance job or that there is a very small (pin size) rust on the part they would have to work on.

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