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Phone: 613-748-7731
Address: 306 Montfort Street
City: Vanier
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1L 5N6

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  1. Crooks. Liars. The boys just do Bruce’s bidding, so don’t take it on them.

  2. Do not recommend. In my experience, this garage undertakes unnecessary repairs and overcharges for them. The owner is also very bizarre. He offered to mediate my divorce!

  3. went to them because i bought a voucher for oil changes.. they told me I needed new brakes and gave me several other “recommendations” the first time i went in. Was there for my second one today and the guy tried to scare me into getting new tires, and none of the recommendations were the same.. and I’ve had no work done.
    I got a second opinion on my tires from Canadian Tire and they said I was fine.
    I don’t trust these guys at all and will not be going back there.

  4. I take most of my repair work here. The garage is close to my workplace and they offer free loaners for any service you have performed.

    Once a year I have them perform a 300-point inspection (~$80) and apply Krown Rustproofing (~$140).

    If they recommend a service I will usually have it performed as long as it is listed in the service schedule for the vehicle. Items such as “motorvac” I tend to avoid.

    So far I have been satisfied with the service. The hourly rate is a little on the high side. They are a member of the Autopro network. Website:

  5. I would stay away if I were you. I was introduced to this garage through a dealfind oil change deal. I actually had to leave it overnight for my 2nd oil change (was having tires switched to different rims at the same time) even though I dropped it off at 8AM. Each time they quote me work I need done but their rates are sky high, probably atleast the same as a dealership if not more. You’re better off just to go to the dealership than this place. I agree with DLP, the owner is a bit of an oddball.

    Most recently I tried to get a quote over the phone to install 4 new tie rod ends, the tie rod and drag link. Pretty simple right? Not really. I ended up having to hang up on the owner, all I was asking for was the book labour on the job as I already had the parts. A pretty simple request, but not for these guys. STAY AWAY!

  6. I would like to add to many of the comments left here previously. I am trying to sell my car and had it taken in for a safety and e-test. They basically “upgraded” my safety inspection into a 300-point inspection, which included a coolant system pressure test. During this test, a coolant valve “exploded”, resulting in the complete loss of use of my car. Now it needs to be repaired just in order to leave the lot, and they are charging more for that than I think is fair, and keeping it for at least 2 nights.

    They do seem to like the “add-ons” and I am pretty sure they are padding the bill in general. Further repairs that are required include a complete brake system and fuel line overhaul, plus many unnecessary “recommendations”.

    Go here if you don’t mind paying for it, and if you’d like getting an overhaul each time. Perhaps they are honest, but this is the first time a mechanic has caused damage to my car in the process. “better now than later”, They’ll say.

  7. As others have said, this garage will add unnecessary things to your bill and overcharge you. Dealing with people who don’t know any better is the only way he stays in business. When I told him I didn’t appreciate him trying to run up my bill (knowing he was trying to rip me off) the owner berated me and told me that I shouldn’t waste his time. So I don’t, and I take my car somewhere honest.

  8. I am a senior citizen that should know better. I left my regular garage to be ripped off by these people. I had my car rustproof by them a few months ago. I had a good experience so I gave their auto repair a try. I brought it in for a spring check up and oil change. The free loaner car was also attractive. Boy was I wrong. I was told that I needed new brakes, new battery special filter, and rustproofing. When I questioned Bruce the owner about these repairs he told me that they were really required except the rustproofing that was a mistake. I told him that CAA had recently check my battery and it was good. He told me That is battery which cost me 30.00 more than the dealership was a superduper one. His hourly rates were all over the place. You are never to old to learn. I will never return there.

  9. DO NOT GO HERE. The owner Bruce comes off as nice, but he’s actually a rude jerk. I have never been spoken to the way he spoke to me…NEVER! This garage needs to go.

  10. There’s a reason that this business has bad reviews and is rated an F by the Better Business Bureau. The owner is a shady crook who will rack up your bill and then tell you off if you try to stop him from performing unnecessary repairs.

    Basically never, ever go here. I don’t know how he continues to stay in business except for stupid Beechwood people who just don’t know they are getting ripped off.

  11. McConville’s destroyed my car! I regret not reading these reviews beforehand. The owner, Bruce and his techs are condescending con-artists who overcharged me and massacred my vehicle beyond repair.

    I brought my car in because it was shaking and the engine light was on. I was charged 79.95$ for a 300-point inspection and an additional 219.60$ for a “check engine lamp on – diagnosis”, which apparently requires 1.5 hours of labour. This diagnosis procedure, according to Bruce, is extremely precise and will pinpoint the actual issue. Except it failed to do this.

    My husband and I each individually spoke to a tech, who quoted us a final cost of under $300.00. Upon pick up the price had skyrocketed to $575.54 as they had neglected to mention this incredibly expensive diagnosis fee. I started my car and noted the engine light was STILL ON! I mentioned this to 2 techs who attempted to convince me this did not matter. After having paid for over 2 HOURS of labour I had to stand by while they reset the engine light.

    Less than 5 km from the garage the car was STILL SHAKING AND THE ENGINE LIGHT WAS BACK ON! I opened the engine and noticed they had NOT REINSTALLED THE ENGINE COVER. The TCS light was now also on. I immediately called McConville’s and spoke to Bruce. He requested I bring it back.

    I returned the van the next day but supervised everything they did. The tech, Rick, argued with me that the TCS light was on before they massacred my car. NO, it was NOT! Bruce offered free labour to replace the actual broken ignition coil but I refused. My husband showed me how to diagnose the proper broken ignition coil – it took him literally 30 seconds and certainly did NOT require $220.00 worth of work. We went instead to Kenny U-Pull and installed an $8 used ignition coil. I could have saved $575.00 and a lot of heartache by NEVER having gone to this horrible garage. Now, 4 days later, the van smells strongly of gas when idling and the exhaust makes a deafening sound whenever I accelerate. My car is ruined!

    I spoke to Bruce at length to try to comprehend how changing an ignition coil had cost almost $600.00 and led to the demise of my entire vehicle. He claimed that both ignition coils must have broken within that 2-day timeframe. This is hugely unlikely and still does not explain the myriad other issues that surfaced as soon as I pulled out of McConville’s. He said it was “Murphy’s Law”. In other words, they can not provide an explanation or justification for how McConville’s managed to completely destroy my van. After reading these reviews, I know I am not the only one.

  12. Wow! Am I ever glad I looked ip these reviews! My ex tried to get me to bring my newly purchased used van for safety and etest but upon calling and speaking to Chelsea, I just simply gotvtge feeling of money hungry repair thieves and went somewhere else whom our of the niceness of their time and mine, did my quick diagnostics test for my check engine light being on for gratis. Thanks Terry. You guys were awesome! (Kavanaughs has great service and no inflation; I’m yold so does Tourcottes Autocare too).

  13. Run away. Didn’t put things back together after ‘repair’. Sensors left unplugged. New warnings on dash. Won’t respond to calls or emails.

  14. Run away as fast as you can. The worst experience I have ever had with a garage in 57 years. I brought my car in on June 2nd 2015 for a overheating problem. Four thousand dollars and 10 months later I receive a call that I better pick up my car April 29th 2016 or it will be impounded. They said they left me numerous messages. Funny thing we have a business phone with an answering machine and never received any calls. I paid my money left with my car less a set of keys that they lost. Got home to find my signal lights are not working which they charged 1400 dollars for short in wiring. Bruce the owner with a real attitude problem will now not even return my calls. I should of got the hint from previous times like the time they did my exhaust and the tailpipe flys off while driving down the highway or when I paid for tires and rims worth 2500 dollars and they lose the centre cap that is irreplaceable. Treated them well with large tips and treats but all that not worth anything. Bruce McConville needs a course in public relations or better yet just stay at home. Like I said run the other way as fast as you can.

  15. Terrible garage. Terrible owner who sucks the money out of you and you leave and have as much or more problems. They don’t care about working clean or details that are important to the customer. Nightmare experiences thanks mainly to the owner Bruce who is greedy and a liar. DO NOT GO THERE!!!

  16. Over charging crooks

  17. I have used McConville for many years. My experience with them is that they are supremely competent. They never messed up a job. They also certainly run a sharp business that will overcharge you if they figure you can’t tell the business end of a screwdriver from the handle. But if they respect you and like you, and you how to talk to the guys there, you will have a good experience, most of the time. I think at all times your car will get good service. I have no doubt that I paid too much on occasion, but only on occasion.

  18. The guys at the counter can be very friendly but are quite pushy about insisting you pay extra for them to give your car a “bumper to bumper” inspection. The owner and some of the guys in the back however are a very different story. My last incident with them was when I took an older car in because of a coolant leak. It was not major but I did need to carry a jug of water with me if I was doing a lot of driving and the leak was in a spot that my husband could not get at. I dropped the car off in the morning and just after lunch got a call from Mr. McConville himself very literally screaming at me “how dare you to bring such a piece of garbage to my garage”. Unfortunately, I was at work at the time and was unable to respond “in-kind” or go and pick up my car. I took a cab from work to pick it up and as we pulled up I witnessed an employee putting a jug of water into my car and it literally pouring out the bottom. This is a car that I had driven on the weekend doing errands and shopping and had driven to the garage that morning – what I got back was a car that was now undrivable more than a block at a time without adding water. These guys are all about making the money and are not beyond bullying to get you to pay exorbitant repair costs.

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