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Phone: 613-746-7555
Address: 1741 Cyrville Road C
City: Gloucester
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1B 3K8

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  1. Worse service ever! They take advantage of people! robbers! they will screw you over! Liers!

  2. Liers!!!!! Worse service ever! be aware! they want your money baddly!

  3. They didnt fixed my car and pay too much for repairs. Very aggresive and offensive people!

  4. Bad Service, too expensive and not quality.

  5. I do not recommend this place.

  6. Charged for what didnt need to be done in my car.

  7. Not good. Too expensive

  8. Bad service

  9. Expensive and useless

  10. Bad service.

  11. not good experience. Bad people

  12. very expensive. Car not fixed

  13. Very Rude people.

  14. i do not recommend this place

  15. Bad service, didnt fix my car. paid too much for nothing!

  16. Bad service

  17. do not trust this people


  19. Excellent Service

  20. Really the best …. Excellent knowlege, quick friendly service and very fair price.

  21. Good service and good advice on what needed to be done to my car. Fair price. I would recommend them.

  22. The best, Excellent service, freindly, proper advice, fair prices and no BS.

  23. great service, the best in town

  24. great service and reasonable charge.

  25. Worse Service EVER! I missed an appointment so they said I wasted their time and told me the shop was no longer open on Saturdays…even though their hours of operation states it is…Rude employees, tried to charge me for things that were not wrong with my car..betcha it’s because I’m a female and they though they could screw me over! NEVER GO THERE! if there was an option to give them no stars at all I would have done this! Filled a BBB complaint.

  26. would never go back there.

  27. Highly recommended to anyone who wants good work done!
    They explained in detail what was wrong with my car, showed me the problem, gave me a very fair price & even a customer discount!Even gave me the parts that were replaced with new ones!
    I had an option of waiting or taking a loaner car for a few hours while my car was being repaired!
    My experience was awesome!!
    Not sure why some people are not satisfied as I got friendly service & can’t say enough nice things about them. And I’m a female!Thank you!

  28. don’t know what these people talking about. of course nothing is free. they have been servicing my cars for years, best service, honesty, on time, best recommendations, never pressure me.
    this is the best mechanic shop in ottawa

  29. great service, fair price, very freindly and they took all the time to check my car and to explain and show me the problems, then gave me fair recommendations and an ok deal.

  30. very good service, I think best in Ottwa. I strongly recommend them

  31. thanks guys for fixing my trouble car. for weeks going from shop to another, no one could figure it out. Alex, you the best mechanic in Ottawa, never mind what everybody say. I gess you get hat you pay for. I know I did, and I’ll always go there.

  32. excellent service very freindly very honest

  33. im a female with zero knoledge about cars, alex and his mechanics took me in and explained my problem and fixed it right at a very affordable price , love the place love the guys would recomend always keep the good work up

  34. excellent service fare price , would recomend to everyone

  35. Nightmare!

    Use low price to lure customer in, Did not do the job committed, take out parts or small components from the car and said to customer it was missing, and ask customer to pay over-priced parts.

  36. All I know is I give TWO THUMBS UP!! WoW1 do these guys know what they are doing, the owner is a super guy, very fair and extremely friendly. They are fast and efficent, no after market junk… GO GO GO

  37. I’m very impressed! I totally recommend this place!


  39. Paid for a wheel alignment through their partner company Bumper to Bumper Deals at the same location. After I waited for the wheel alignment for about an hour (a fifteen minute late start) I was demanded to either pay double what I was already told the wheel alignment cost me and I had paid for already by their affiliate company Bumper to Bumper Deals or I don’t get my money back and the work doesn’t get done. They never did the work done and I am still trying to get my money back for the wheel alignment I paid for. Their decision not only violate a moral law which is honor what you say it violates Ontario Law(s) under the consumer protection act, 2002 section 48 (12) and (15) because I was quoted thirty nine dollars before the job, based on subsection (12), they can error by ten percent 3.90 dollars not by double the price that viloates subsection (15). I reported this to the Consumer Protection Branch and Business Bureau. Consumer Protection Branch has encouraged other to contact them if this or similar behavior happens to you. They promised me their going to be keeping an eye on this situation they have begun a file and the BBB has said they will be investigating this too who should also be made aware of these things. The law I mentioned is the one that matters not their policy which these companies based on my experience will try and use their policy to justify why your paying for work and not getting it done. I have also discussed the experience with others too. I just received a call from Bumper to Bumper Deals a day later. Who just called me to request I contact their marketing department who requested I call their support line. However, she also further tried to argue why I should have to pay for a wheel alignment that I paid for and never received. Their claim seized nuts. That is not a reason by law only by their policy which by government and law do not stand.

  40. Took car in for the Groupon oilchange. They presented me with a list of almost $2k of repairs required, including leaking rear struts and ‘front struts aren’t leaking but need replacement too’. They showed me the leaking oil from the rear struts…however, all struts had been replaced 7000 km earlier by Midas. I wiped the oil off the rear struts that Precision had applied, and of course there’s been no recurrence of the phantom oil. They are deliberately cheating customers, be aware!!

  41. I was looking for a new car because nobody could not fix my car. Someone told me if Precision Autoworks can t fix nobody can. Guess what, I saved 33,000.00. They fix it. They were nice and they listened to my car problem. Now, I go there every 5,000 klm for an oil change. Thank YOU.

  42. Alex and team you ROCK!!!!! Im not sure why all these bad reviews , I have been a customer for 15 years and never once had any concern or any bad experience , I know Alex did a Croupon in support to the cancer center as he los his wife to Cancer , he was proud to donate any money he received from the promotion but he told me it was hard dealing with people because they did not understand what was offered , he made sure that customers knew what kind of shape there cars are in, from my experience I was never pressured into anything he always told me ahead of time to be prepared for an expense when he notices something going wrong ,
    I always recommend him to everyone and everyone that visits him is very satisfied

  43. Scummy from start to finish. Look at the ratings and figure out what’s going on for yourself. Total rip-off and when I challenged them on it he got threatening. I bet this asstard writes his own 5-star reviews….then of course there are the bad reviews. You figure out what’s real. Stay away from these rip-off clown.

  44. Amazing service! I’ve been here 3 times now and the owner and his team are exceptional at what they do. The first time I went, the owner had everything set up with my warranty to make sure I spent as less as needed. The team was polite, friendly and honest. I went again yesterday and was shown exactly what my issues were and what needed fixing and Alex even stayed longer after hours to finish the job. They have won themselves a lifetime client and I will be happy to recommend to everyone and anyone. Having had such bad experiences elsewhere, I can’t begin to express how grateful and relieved I was to find these guys who saved my vehicle. Thank you guys!!!!

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