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Phone: 613-789-2128
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1N 5K6

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  2. Great, honest and smart mechanic

  3. The best mechanic I’ve encountered. Knows exactly what he’s doing and has the best prices

  4. Best mechanic.
    Honestly work

  5. Good mechanic.
    Moved to 70 Beech st. Ottawa.
    Off Preston st

  6. He’s fair, the prices are very reasonable . The man works fast. Have been going for over 20 years. Even bought cars from him and done many road trips never feeling stressed about my 3 kids or wife. If they tell you it’s all good it will get you where your going . Had a 98 Seinna that he worked on till end of 1015 and was never stranded. I recommend this garage 110%. Only problem is he’s getting to busy I always have to make a appointment now -:) .
    There may not be a loyalty card or points but trust me when I say that membership has its probe l’age at Franco’s Garage

  7. I have been dealing with franko garage for the past 20 years. Great service, hounest mechanic. Keep it up.

  8. I approached Franco Garage (Khalid) because my car had a steering fluid leakage. I dropped off my car in the morning and it was fixed in a few hours. The results were splendid! I haven’t had any problems since then. What I like about Franco Garage is that they are very honest with the clients and charge you with a fair price. You won’t face any surprises. Since then I have become a regular customer. New battery, new wheels… you name it! and I drive a classic 1998 eh! I highly recommend this business to people who need a reliable mechanic.

  9. A rare combination of experience, honesty, and affordability. I have been dealing with garage for many years and the best among all others by far. Try it for yourself and for sure you will switch to it.

  10. Best mechanic. Honest and smart mechanic

  11. I trust them, for more than 20 years, with all kinds of repair, from tire to sensor, from GM to BMW, driving for it from Wrightville to Little Italy. They even help me find a used car when I need one! An unbeatable combination of honesty, affordability, sound and friendly advice, cordial service, .. They carry decades of mechanic work as experience; steadfast, energetic, no vanity,
    . . Chapeau!! Recommended.

  12. I have been a regular customer at Franco’s and not once was I disappointed. Good service, good price and good mechanics. No problem he cannot fix. Khaled is a good man

  13. I’ve been going to Franco for 15 years and will never look elsewhere. They are great mechanics, friendly and most of all honest. If at all possible, they will fix a part instead of replacing it. The price is unbeatable. What else can I say, this garage is a keeper. I send all my friends to Franco.
    Give them a try, I guarantee you will be back.

  14. Franco’s, . . I rely on them for all repairs, from tire to sensor, . . GM to BMW,
    I drive for it from WrightVille to Little Italy, their new location, . . and value their advice, even when my car need to be changed!
    Competent,, honest, friendly and affordable well combined. . . Franco’s : . . frank, steady, no vanity, . . recommended!

  15. Our daughter visiting Ottawa on the weekend using our 2002 Trailblazer. Ran into a issues with the truck. Called and explained the situation to him. We did a couple of things but didn’t resolve the issue. Called CAA and had it brought in. Frank called me back couldn’t get the part delivered on a Sat afternoon. Place was open he went to pick up the part and came back in on Sunday Morning to do the repair on his day off. Very honest with the clients with a fair price, he cares about people. I wish I could find a person like him in Mississauga. Ottawa you are lucky to have such a great person.

  16. Great and friendly service. Franco garage is the best in town.

  17. Khaled is the nicest and most honest mechanic I know. He is fast, efficient and very very reasonably priced.
    I always know my cars are in great hands when I take them in to have serviced at Franco Garage.
    Thanks for the great service!

  18. Simply the best Mechanic in Ottawa!!! I have been going to Franco Garage for the past 15 years. When I first met Khaled I had a problem with my BMW I had taken it to the BMW dealership and they had given me an estimate of over $1000 saying it is an electrical problem and that they would have to go through all the wiring to fix the problem. When Khaled looked at it he quickly figured out the problem and fixed it “it was just a loose wire” he said and didn’t charge me saying “he can’t charge me for something that was never broken”. Ever since that day Khaled has been my family’s mechanic on all our vehicles. You will not find a more honest and talented mechanic then Khaled he greats all of his customers from his heart and proformes the best service all the way to negotiating for parts so that his customers can rest assure that they are getting the best price. I Highly recommend Franco Garage for your car’s mechanical needs, no matter the problem.

  19. Used many times and never an issue. Tells you straight up what is wrong and what is needed. Very refreshing .

  20. I left Franco Garage today very satisfied and happy with the brake correction and winter tire change for our Mazda CX9. As soon as I arrived this morning under an informal appointment, Khaled immediately diagnosed the problem with the brakes and showed me the worn parts causing the noise and pulsing. He replaced them within an hour or two. This was my first visit to Franco but certainly won’t be my last. Outstanding service in all respects.

  21. Khaled has been my mechanic for over 15 years when I first met him at his former King Edward street location.
    He is since become a family friend.
    I recommend Franco Garage to all of my friends and family.
    This is a place where you can always rest with peace of mind that your vehicle will be well serviced at the most reasonable cost.
    Everyone needs a mechanic like you will find at Franco Garage..

  22. Great 100 %

  23. Fantastic work! Khaled was able to quickly and accurately identify the problem on the spot, then fixed it within hours at a very reasonable price. I will be back!

  24. I went to Franco garage for the first time this month and had a really good experience. I have an older car and I just wanted to make sure it was safe to drive and in good working condition. Khalid was friendly, efficient and honest. He did not tell me about numerous things that should be done to my car as many mechanics would, but highlighted 2 important things and the cost was very reasonable. The repairs were done in a timely manner. As someone who doesn’t know all that much about cars, it is very reassuring to find a trustworthy mechanic who is straightforward and not condescending. I will definitely return and highly recommend this garage.

  25. Brought my car in to have a part replaced (not a common replacement) and left feeling satisfied and anxiety-free.

  26. My van broke suddenly & I towed it to a local auto-mechanic.
    Unfortunately, the timing belt snapped and the cost was several hundreds. On top of that,
    I was told that the engine failed & for a used one, cost is 4 grand. Following an advice,
    I towed the van to Franco Garage. After 2 days, a call from the mechanic Naddaf asking me to recognise a sound. It was my van running smoothly and peacefully (>_<). The charge & wait time were much less than expected

  27. This auto-mechanic is honest and professional. My story is as follows: my van broke suddenly & I towed it to a local auto-mechanic in the Ottawa Valley. Unfortunately, the timing belt snapped and the cost was several hundreds. On top of that, I was told that the engine failed & for a used one, the cost including labour will be around 4 grand. Following an advice, I towed the van to Franco Garage. After one day, a call from Khaled asking me to recognise a sound. It was my van running smoothly and peacefully (>_<). The charge & waiting time were much less than expected

  28. I’ve had my vehicle into Franco twice now and my experience has been excellent. Khaled was extremely helpful and definitely did not over charge. He’s focused on the client and doing good work. Best auto mechanic experience I’ve had in a long time

  29. Very honest. Mazda bank st. was going to charge me $130 just to plug in computer reader for engine light issue. I bought one for $20 on amazon. Bought 02 sensor and Khaled installed for $25 vs $150 Labour dealer would charge.
    WOW amazing honest ppl still around

  30. I’ve been a ‘car guy’ for decades usually opting to do my own repair work as I generally don’t trust many repair shops. Since I don’t have access to a garage these days I went to Franco (Khaled) for a power steering pump replacement. He is simply the best mechanic I’ve ever encountered. You just don’t find mechanics as honest, knowledgeable, or clever with cars as he is. I’ve since taken my cars to him for everything; oil changes, CV axle replacements, brakes, tires etc. I trust him completely.

  31. The best mechanic I’ve encountered.

  32. Last spring I took my car to Khaled because the dealership said it needed about $2000 worth of work. Khaled checked it over very carefully and showed me everything that was supposed to need repair. Nothing did! And he didn’t charge me for checking the car over. Sure impressed me as being honest and trustworthy.

    Last week I took the car back to get the snow tires put on and to have Khaled check it over and do an oil change. I don’t live or work near the garage. He took me in as soon as I arrived and went over the car very carefully. There was work that needed to be done. He quoted me a price – unbelievably reasonable! I just had time to have lunch with my daughter and the car was ready to go.

    Khaled is honest, pleasant, and an awesome mechanic! Thanks Khaled!

  33. I went to have my tires changed. The first place broke my wheel lock, the second place broke another wheel lock and could not remove the lug and then the dealership had the same problems. I went to Franco’s Garage to have my tires changed and of-course they were changed in 30 minutes without a problem! This family could never recommend anyone better! Thanks gentlemen.

  34. Took my 11 year old car in to have some suspension work done. The repair only took two hours, just long enough for me to have breakfast at a local restaurant and a little shopping at a hardware store up the street. The repair was expertly done at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended.

  35. I was just getting on to the 417, when my oil and check engine light came on. I pulled over immediately and shut down the engine. I called the people at the Franco Garage, and they said they could get me in right away. So I had it towed there, and within about 15 minutes diagnosed the problem. This was around 10:30 am, they were able to get the parts in that day, and had it finished by 4 pm!

    The people at Franco are courteous, very knowledgeable about vehicles, and do an awesome job. I highly recommend them to anyone needing repairs!

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