Main Garage Ltd


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-233-0333
Address: 1049 Merivale Rd
City: Ottawa
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1Z 6A9

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  1. The address for Main Garage ltd has changed. we are now located at 1049 Merivale Rd Ottawa Ontario K1Z 6A9.

  2. not a good place to bring your car or truck i had brought my truck to them to have work done on it when i dropped it off all windows were fine when i picked it up my windshield was broke i asked what happened to it they said they did not do it i would of noticed if i had a crack across the window .And i had a friend bring his suv there to see what was wrong with it so they told him and gave him a price witch was out of this world he said its ok not to do it so when he got there they wouldnt give him his keys until he gave them money for what them to say it will cost this much to fix they didnt have to do anything cause he told them what was wrong with it any ways he paid them then they cust him out and told him get your car out of here or we will have it towed all because he didnt want to be over charged. S if you want to be over charged and have things broke that wasnt broke this is the place to go MAIN GARAGE

  3. my brother brought his truck in to have the brakes done, not only did they mess up the vehicle and almost kill him(tire fell off on the highway) but they deny and accused him of doing something and threw him out. horrible shyster garage, untrustworthy for workmanship and not taking ownership for their mistakes. after more than 1k in bills from the repairs and towing their response is “get out of my shop”
    do not reccommend them at all!!!

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