Grandtech Auto


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-729-6888
Address: 111 Breezehill Avenue North
City: Ottawa
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1Y 2H6

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  1. Very reasonable quotes for my the repair and service work with them in the past couple years. Friendly staff and willing to explain in details what was done and what to expect.

    At my last visit, they heard I was going on a long road trip, they actually went out of their way to check the tire pressure and top up the coolant for free.

    I have been very happy with this garage for the routine oil sprays and repair jobs they did for my Odyssey over the last few years.

    A satisfied customer

  2. Hello Ken,
    It was good to meet you yesterday. I just want to thank you and your team for repairing my vehicle.
    I am impressed by your politeness, friendliness and professionalism. I wish I know the other members of your team. Nonetheless, I wish all well and safe.

  3. I’ve been using this shop for years now and fully trust their expertise. They only do the repairs that are necessary and will source after market parts if you’re into saving money.

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