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Phone: 613-224-6252
Address: 1608 Merivale Rd
City: Ottawa
Province: ON
Postal Code:

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  1. The service mechanics seemed okay but the manager at the front was super sketchy. Prices are also way above the norm that keeps dropping as you say its too expensive. Go somewhere else and look for an honest mechanic

  2. To start with, I am a mechanic with my training starting in 1978. I have remained in that field for 45 years now. I purchased a used 2005 Ford F150 knowing it had a flex pipe installed on the exhaust. That flex pipe soon developed a leak, as I expected it would. When it finally started to leak exhaust(noise) I decided to look for an exhaust shop to have them replace the flex pipe with a solid pipe…approx 15in in length. These day’s I am too old to do my own work. I went to their website to make an appointment but soon learned that they, Do Not Take Appointments. I ended up calling them and was informed by the gentleman that answered that, as they do not take appointments, if I arrived first thing in the morning I could wait for the repair to be completed. A week later I show up, shortly after they opened(minutes), to drop my truck and, wait for the repair however, was told by the gentleman behind the desk, who I remembered from the telephone call, telling me that whomever told me, I could wait, was full of shit. He tells me that they have a 2 to 3 day wait for repairs. While conversing he held a very rude demeaner. I can’t leave the truck until I make other arrangements, so I leave, I was heading for vacation the next day. I instruct my son-in-law to drop my truck off for the repair of the flex pipe and “only” the flex pipe! When he explains to the gentleman at the counter, that he only wants the flex pipe repaired he was greeted with rude comments of …we will decide what it needs. The list after inspection was to: Replace muffler, replace Intermediate exhaust pipe, replace clamp, replace tail pipe, replace pipe tail, replace muffler-quiet-flow and pipe extension to the tune of $1,000.00+. He explains that it his his father-in-law is a mechanic and only wants the flex pipe replaced, and “only” the flex pipe! After this only rude comments were provided by the counter staff member, whom I do believe is the owner. The final bill was an astounding $271.75! For a 15″ flex repair! Final bill: Custom Pipe 22.99, weld 80.00 nd labour 1 hour@ 126.50 Total. With the equipment they have, I could have this vehicle in/out in 15minutes.

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