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Phone: 613-233-4767
Address: 297 Booth Street
City: Ottawa
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1R 7J8

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  1. Needed a quick oil change. I went to Canadian Tire Service Center on Carling Ave first which gave me an estimate (I bought oil separately). I called Booth St Auto Service, the wife gave me a quote, which was 50% cheaper than Canadian Tire and set an appointment at 8:30 AM the next day, she also said she had the oil filter for my make and car model. I arrived at the garage the next day and got served by a repairman. However the oil filter was not the correct one. They had to order. After 4 hours wait, the simple oil change was complete. I asked to get an invoice, the husband (the owner of the garage, as his wife was not there), seeing my luxurious car , he charged me a price more expensive than Canadian Tire’s. I told him his wife gave me a lower estimate and why you were charging more, I also told him that Canadian Tire gave me a lower estimate. He began to rant aggressively and said that his wife did not know the price for oil change for that type of car and Canadian Tire would NEVER charge that rate. He told me the get the car out and go to get service by Canadian Tire. He then threaten me if I don’t pay what he wanted,. He also said he never want to serve my car again. I paid what he charged and left.

    I came back to show him a copy of the estimate from Canadian Tire at the lower price. I told him nicely, I just wanted to show that I did not lie and deceitful. He could not say anything to defend his outrage overcharging and aggressive behaviors. BTW, a friend of mine recommended me to come here to get the oil for only $20, he bought oil himself. I felt vindicated because I was able prove to him that he was a bad business man, deceitful to a customer.

    Finally, the money was not an important issue, I was taken aback when he overcharged me shamelessly, he has bad business ethics as he was aggressively, verbally attacking me! I will file a report to BBB and forewarn others of this guy’s tactics (get you in, and charge you more than what he estimated). So get an estimate first if you want to come here to check it out! Come at your own risk1

  2. This place was recommended to me 3 years ago by the tire garage of Somerset and Preston for mechanical work on my Honda accord 2003.I had my car repair in the pass at Lallier Honda in Gatineau ,Galarneau garage in Gatineau at Tremblay garage on St Joseph Blvd and last at Grande Riviere Garage in Aylmer. No one of those garages can match the knowledge and the experience of the personnel and the owner Antony for doing repair on my Honda.The service they give to the customer also the price they give for repair is way below of what those garage I do mention on my comment.I am telling you folks try them once and never you will go back to any other garage to have work done at Booth St garage at Somerset and Booth St.They are the best.

  3. I’ve become a regular here for the last few years and you will not find a more honest garage in the city from my experience. Brian and David have never over charged me and never tried to upsell me on work that didn’t need to be done. Once I had to take my car to the dealer for a factory recall and the dealer told me that my car needed tons of work, I took it to Booth st and they immediately told me that most of what was said at the dealer was nonsense and fixed a couple little things, saving me close to $1000. Every time I have taken cars there, they have been professional and done a good job, even going above and beyond to fix things without much extra charge that I didn’t realize (such as a burnt out reverse light that they only charged the cost of the bulb). If you are in the centretown area I highly recommend Booth St and I have been recommending them to tons of people looking for a good, HONEST, garage.

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