Metric Auto Service


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-725-6052
Address: 912 Clyde Avenue
City: Ottawa
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1Z 5A5

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  1. Excellent service! Fair and honest.

  2. been a customer for years and have always liked the way that they will take care of my vehicles

    very friendly and helpful

  3. I’ve been a consistent customer fro over 10 years, and have taken many vehicles to Metric. Solid work, honest opinions, no gouging, and friendly.

  4. Ian has been my garage man for nearly 15yrs. He has kept my old VWs running without charging me dealership rates. When we talk about car problems, I feel my pocket book is shown due respect. In return, if he tells me something can’t wait, I bring it in.

  5. I have been going to Metric for a number of years. service is backed up by the owner who always makes my cars feel young again. His knowledge is tight up to par, and they provide an old fashioned style of service. Value and quality for your money.

  6. Ian does excellent work. I have had 5 vehicles serviced here. Some since their first oil change. Never overcharged. Always explains major work and will price out aftermarket parts if he feels they are good enough for the remaining life of your car (this was more relevant on a couple of our cars that were 12+ years old).

  7. My first visit and impression:

    In September 2020, I brought my 2011 Porsche Panamera in for a full service brake job, lube/oil and filter and for an examination of my tire pressure monitoring system. Initially, I was a tad reluctant to have my car serviced at Metric Auto since I had always serviced my car at the Porsche dealership. This was new to me!

    Joel was very friendly and he kept me apprised of the various repairs and potential costs throughout the day. I had confidence in him. In the end, I was truly impressed with the results. Very reasonable prices and everything was done beyond my expectations. I will be returning!

    Thanks to Joel and the crew who worked diligently on my car.

  8. Use to take my VW and Audi to Ian for all service. Was always happy with the honest assessment and fair price. He is willing to do some hard work to save you some money instead of just solving every problem with new parts. Over the years he had done everything from regular maintenance to some pretty detailed electrical debugging.

    My only dig at the place was that the location was not ideal for me and have since moved. Metric is the only reason I considered another VW a couple of years ago as a trusted mechanic is invaluable.

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