Treff’s Tire Centre


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-596-6300
Address: 2293 Carling Avenue
City: Ottawa
Province: ON
Postal Code: K2B 7G3

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  1. Bought a set of four winter tires at Treff’s. The tires are fine, but the installation did not go well. I went back three times for further fixing – all four of them went bad one at a time. In the end, Denise (one of the owners at Treff’s) told me to go to Canadian Tires to fix the remaining leaking tires. It’s a valid comment. I went to Bell’s Corner Canadian Tire and got my tire problems fixed: the valves were not changed by Treff’s at installation & rims were not cleaned; that was why they were leaking. Canadian Tire knows how to install tires; Treff’s apparently does not.

  2. After-sales service needs much improvement. Customer handling is bad.

  3. I’m not sure if those who have submitted comments are going to the same Treff’s! We’ve been taking our 2 older vehicles to them for at least 6 years and before that my father-in-law (who introduced us to the brothers), was using them for many years before that.

    They can be old farts at times, but never disrespectful. For us, they always do their up-most to fix what is required without taking the easy route of replacing everything like most dealers. Also, when given enough warning, they provide a loaner, at no additional cost! Denise and Rick are honest mechanics, something we don’t see very often. We’ve been recommending Treff’s to all our friends and none have had a bad experience.

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