Nick’s Automotive Service


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-225-6709
Address: 16 Enterprise Avenue
City: Nepean
Province: ON
Postal Code: K2G 0A6

Mechanic Map


  1. Nick is the most honest and friendly mechanic I have ever met. The same goes for his staff. It’s always a pleasant experience to deal with anyone working there. I would recommend his services to anyone.

  2. If you want a reliable, trustworthy and customer-oriented service station in Ottawa, then you and your car could do no better than Nick’s Automotive Service on Enterprise Avenue.

    I’d recommend them without hesitation, to anyone because they know their business and treat their customers well.

  3. I had given up hope of finding a mechanic who could do the repairs I needed. They were friendly, professional and very efficient. More important, they did the repairs really well and it cost a fraction of what I expected to pay. I would recommend this garage to anyone.

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