Don Fournier Service Centre Inc


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-521-5827
Address: 1768 Queensdale Avenue
City: Gloucester
Province: ON
Postal Code: K1T 1J6

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  1. Brought my car in for an oil change and Don noticed that my lower engine cover was missing (as in, somewhere a garage didn’t put it back after some transmission work and now I’m stuck paying for it!). He was extremely accomodating and understanding of the situation. He suggested I buy the piece from Mazda at a discounted rate, had it delivered to his location and installed it for free – all this in the same day. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed with the customer service and he has restored my faith in car mechanics. I will gladly be bringing my car back to this location for servicing and would recommend this shop to anyone.

  2. We just returned home from vacationing in Ottawa, a vacation saved from major stress by Don Fournier and his technician, Matt. We experienced issues with our vehicle while towing our tent trailer. In an unfamiliar town, you worry about being taken advantage of at an unfamiliar garage, but instead of gouging us they had compassion on us and got us going quickly, effectively and affordably.

  3. We have been going to Don Fournier Service as a family for 9 years now with good reason. Their customer service, knowledge and price are beyond reproach. Don and his team ensure they perform only what is needed and will not ever try to gauge the client for non-required service. In many instances, given it only took a few minutes to rectify an issue, I was not charged. Anywhere else one would be charged a minim half if not an hour worth of work. For major items, their pricing is competitive if not better in most instances and will not try to push what is not necessary. They take the time to explain what is needed, give options, and when work is completed, you are never surprised with hidden/additional costs and always provided with work well done.

  4. I was going there for years . The price of his work was reasonable at first . Then I never complained about the price all of a sudden some of my bills were ridiculous . The math didn’t make any sense . He dose good work but it seemed like he didn’t care about my car anymore . I pay my bill and get my car back with bird shit all over it . I am done spending at that shop .

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