Afram Auto Repair


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-729-6333
Address: 857 Boyd Avenue
City: Ottawa
Province: ON
Postal Code: K2A 2C9

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  1. I have to say that Afram’s auto had to be the best experience I have ever had for an oil change. The staff were super friendly and made the experience extremely entertaining. On top of all the great service I received, the price was unbeatable. I would highly recommend this mechanic to anyone looking for a complete oil flush!!

  2. I have been to many garages , but this garage all i can say is wow, never met anyone so honest, he actually brings you to the car and shows you exactly whats wrong and shows you the old parts , and what really has to be replaced and for price, i am amazed good prices…i HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!!

  3. I am very happy with his service, good prices, and very honest people, especially its family owned its husband and wife, Afram works on the car, and his wife runs the office very nice girl.
    i am quite pleased, and i have recomended him to many people i know and alot ALOT cheaper then Dealer prices…

  4. Afram’s auto repair was recommended by a good friend and the service was excellent. The guys are great everyone one of them and I am always in and out with all problems resolved for a great price. The location is a 2 block walk away from enterprise rental so if you do need to leave the car there over night you have great priced rentals if needed. Thanks guy for the help on my Oldsmobile! It made it across Canada to Victoria, BC and is still riding like luxury. 2 thumbs up!

  5. I work with special needs students and one day in the summer the AC in the vehicle stopped working. I took it to Afram and he stopped what he was doing and on the spot serviced our vehicle and did it at no charge. He also took the time to meet and talk to the clients who had much to talk to him and his staff about
    This was above and beyond service and we feel it should be recognized that Aframs is not only a great and dependable service garage, but also a place that has an owner and staff who put names to faces and makes them feel comfortable and trusting.
    Due to this interaction, we now take our personal vehicles to this garage and get the same great service at a very reasonable price. The work is guaranteed and done very efficiently.
    Aframs is now referred by our organization to many of the people who work with us.

  6. Wow.. Looks like someone from AFRAM’s wrote all these considering that Afram is not a licensed Mechanic!!!

    I wouldn’t even take my lawn mower there to get serviced!!

    To to Crappy tire! Even there worst mechanics are better than Afram’s!!!!!

  7. It’s funny on the last comment. How your stating afram is not licensed mechanic then you have never been to his business if you walk in his office his name is up on The wall licensed and his MTO certificate, and he has been operating for 7 years as a family business. And he just opened up another location. You must be just a hater!!! Or a Jelous wrote on this cause I am his customer for 7 years and his personal friend!!!!!

  8. Afram’s the best. He works with you not against you! He’s the most honest mechanic I’ve ever met. No bs. He does his best to accommodate your price range and time you can be without your vehicle. All the delivery drivers I knew went to him, and now me and my family members go to him too.

  9. I know Afram since he was working for someone on Preston st garage ,that was more than 20 yrs ago .
    Afram is very good in pinpointing any problem in your car.
    They are busy between 10:30 am to 2:00 pm .
    Afram always have new student mechanics for training but he never assign them to work on a car , they are there to help and learn , he told me once that he trains them because one day the experienced mechanics will retired and we need some one to fix our cars .

  10. I have never been to a more honest auto shop in my life. I will probably keep going there even if I move away from Ottawa. I was one told my entire exhaust system was shot and needed to be replaced. I took it to aframs and he put it up on the rack and showed me the real issue. A pinhole leak in the straight pipe. Saved me about 400 bucks. He’s the man.

  11. Came to Ottawa for a weekend Vacation.. My tire blew on the Highway Called the Towing he told me that Aframs Auto was open on a saturday.. I must say Very Nice Honest Reasonable Guy . Its not your Average Mechanic shop ……Felt more like a Family Shop ….He Got me a used Tire and told Me Have a great weekend and Drive back Safe .. Tire is on me This Man has heart of Gold ….

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