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Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-225-4893
Address: 37 Bentley Avenue
City: Nepean
Province: ON
Postal Code: K2E 6T7

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  1. Very expensive, fairly good work but not worth the price.

  2. Best mechanic in the city, would recommend to anyone.

  3. I totally concur with SC, trustworthy, honest, and your vehicle is ready when they tell you it will be. John is out to lunch with his comments.

  4. This is the best mechanical team in Ottawa and they never fail to do the greatest work for the least price. 5 out of 5 always!

  5. Go Partners Automotive is very reliable, honest and trustworthy. I have been using them for years and the prices are extremely reasonable. It’s nice to see family run businesses who value service are still alive and well.

  6. On the rating of stars I have to give them good reviews because of the criteria and I’m not dishonest they definately are friendly knowledgeable and helpfull. I do have a beef though and thought i was finding a diamond in the rough when it came to garages but was dissapointed in the end. I think they are so busy that your not going to get the service you expect, I’ve given up on private shops and bite the bullet and go to dealerships from now on they are more equipped to deal with problems that arise and won’t leave you stranded like these guys and the 3 shops before him have…..

  7. Exemplary Service!!!!!!!!!

  8. My car needed some work during the busy winter tire season. Not only did they get it done quickly, they charged significantly less for the entire job than the dealership would have charged for just the part!

  9. Great service. Much better than the dealerships who keep you waiting as they are overbooked. Very trustworthy and honest.

  10. I personally know one of the mechanics who I went to school with, he is a good guy and have known him for years. Took my car there – the knowledge is there along with the passion for the job. He is a friend so he was friendly with me not sure how he is with strangers but overall he is a nice guy. Location is good off Merivale where most shops are the turn around was good but like I said he is a friend so he did it there on the spot after hours. But I am not sure if he boned me hard cause he knew I had money but I over paid for sure – wont say what I got done but it cost around $600 – paid it no questions asked but later I went to the dealership where they would have only charged $400 and thats a DEALERSHIP so imagine a small shop with good ratings which I went to and said $275 max. So I dont know overall it was good but over priced no matter what anyone says (invoice still on hand)

  11. Horrible experience with this company. Performed work on my vehicle and it started making front end noise. Tried to follow up with business but confronted by hostile receptionist, rude and confrontational. The owner then got on line and was equally hostile. Never will I go here again or recommend this place to anyone who values customer service

  12. My go to location!!! Gerry, Roxanne and the mechanical staff are so nice and helpful. Extremely knowledgeable and honest people with very competitive prices. Won’t go anywhere else! THANKS TO ALL !!

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