Stagra Automotive Ltd


Ottawa Mechanic Details

Phone: 613-821-0238
Address: 1375 Greely Lane
City: Greely
Province: ON
Postal Code: K4P 1A1

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  1. Sloppy work, unprofessional staff, loose bolts on the caliper that they installed, my car rattled even more after bringing it in here! I went to Stagra several months ago due to a noise beneath my car. They inspected the front brakes and said that as soon as I replaced them, the noise would go away. I brought it in later on to get the brakes replaced and after the repair I experienced even MORE rattling. I called them immediately, and brought it in yet again for a test drive with the mechanic at 8 am the next day. He said the noise might be simply from putting my car on the hoist, in which the receptionist Leigh, denied was possible. Instead of putting my car back on the hoist to inspect their own sloppy work, they asked me to book it in for another full day–because their bays were full. That’s right, paying customers came before my safety. They also wouldn’t guarantee that there would be not cost to me for this additional review of their own work, but denied saying that there would be no additional cost later on when I called in. Regardless of what would have been covered cost-wise for the review of work, WHY would I trust them with my car again after they promised that a repair would fix the initial rattle and in fact, made it worse? I ended up brining my car into another certified mechanic, and he pointed out that the rattle was indeed from the work that Stagra had done, and that the brake caliber to pad carrier bolts were loose. He could pull them off with his hand. This was negligent, jeopardized my safety, and incredibly costly. Don’t bring your car here.

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